Boost your game with hypnotherapy

It’s not unusual to enjoy a sport but to sometimes feel frustrated by an inability to improve despite all your efforts.

If you’ve been playing for a while you probably already know the theory of your sport inside out and know what adjustments you need to make to your technique but somehow it just doesn’t have the effect you feel it should.  

Sports performance is as much related to mental focus as it is to skill and physical input -  hypnotherapy can help you focus your mind to shut out distractions or negative thoughts and enhance your game by:

Increasing self-belief and confidence.

Improving attention and focus 

Helping to shut out distractions

Overcoming mental blocks and barriers

Increasing motivation and goal setting

Relieving pre-competition anxiety

Mentally rehearsing success

Reframing past negative experiences

Make a positive change now - REFOCUS Hypnotherapy can help.

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Eileen Jacques

Clinical Hypnotherapist